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If you have a large CD (DVD) collection Easy CD DVD manager can make your work with it more easy.

With help Easy CD DVD manager program you can create the catalogue of your CD and DVD with categories and descriptions for each disk. Quick search for necessary disks is real easy now! Easy CD DVD manager program protects your CD and DVD from loss (now you will not forget your disks inside drive at Windows shutdown because the program reports about this).

Easy CD DVD manager v 1.5

is tool for creation the catalogue of your CDs and DVDs. Quick disk search. Easy access to many drive's commands.

Program features:

  • Easy creation the catalogue with custom categories (Music, Audio, Photo and other...). New record appends automaticaly, when new CD or DVD is put into drive.

  • Lock and Unlock the CD (DVD) Drive with password new! read more about lock CD Drive >>

  • CD / DVD loss prevention
    Set reaction for the disk in drive when you turn off the computer (Eject the disk automaticaly, Ignore the disk in drive or Ask the user)

  • Quick access to main commands for CD (DVD): Eject/Close, Launch AutoRun, Browse CD (DVD) content in Explorer and others...

  • Quick search for the number of disk using the fragment of description

  • Quick search for the description of disk using the number of disk

  • Automatical showing the description of disk when you insert disk into drive (optional).

  • Automatical browse the disk in Explorer when you insert disk into drive (optional).

  • Automatically close drive after several seconds (user-defined) when you eject the disc (optional).

  • Showing the disk state in system tray (disk inside or not)

  • Several CD (DVD) drives support

  • Support the user-defined hot key for eject and close action

  • Support the user-defined mouse action on the tray icon of program

If you have a big CD (DVD) collection Easy CD DVD manager can make your work with it more easy

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